Tarpaulins come in a variety. The reason for giving different options is because tarpaulins can be used in hundreds of applications. Depending upon the required usage, you could decide upon which tarp would be an ideal bet.
At Ace Tarpaulin, we believe in giving our customers meaningful choices and not bombarding them with senseless variations for namesake. The latter would end up making the customer frustrated and confused.
The tarps that are offered by us- are listed with their features in a very crisp and transparent manner. In our presentation, we have taken extra care to aid the customer’s buying process, by not decorating the features section with unnecessary frills and redundant points.
One could simply click on the products, and in one glance would get a hang of the product and its usability for his/her purpose.
What sets a tarp fabric apart from the other is not just the fabric weight and its features, but also the quality of the fabric used- the grade of cotton, its processing, the chemicals used in coating it etc. We have made it a point to roll out best of quality tarps from our factory. We have resolved that anything with an ‘ACE’ branding must ooze quality and finesse.

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