Waterproof v/s Water-Resistant

Either of these features is achieved by coating & treating the fabric. While water-resistance refers to the fabric quality of repelling the water, thus keeping the water away from soaking in, it does not guarantee zero-seepage. After a point, there will be some amount of seepage happening. On the other […]

Difference between Cut-size & Finished-size

When a tarpaulin’s size is mentioned, it can either be a cut-size or a finished size. Both these terms are part of the tarp-industry jargon. Whether the size is a cut-size or a finished-size, we mention it. Finished-size is the actual size that you get. A cut-size basically is the […]

What is ripstop weave?

A ripstop weave is an additional weaving in the fabric, done at equal space intervals, to provide additional support to the fabric in terms of strength and resistance from tearing. If & when the fabric tears- these tactically placed weaving patterns would obstruct the course of tearing. Hence, making the […]

How do I choose the right tarp for myself?

Tarpaulins come in a variety. The reason for giving different options is because tarpaulins can be used in hundreds of applications. Depending upon the required usage, you could decide upon which tarp would be an ideal bet. At Ace Tarpaulin, we believe in giving our customers meaningful choices and not […]